Chevron volunteers participating in Coastal Cleanup Day.

employee volunteerism

Chevron employees apply their skills, experience and energy in volunteer activities that help strengthen the communities in which we operate. To the employees at Chevron Richmond, giving back to the community is part of the job. Chevron Richmond employees volunteer for many different types of projects in the community, such as preparing and serving meals at the local soup kitchens, cleaning up local creeks and coastlines, mentoring students and so much more.

Through Chevron’s Humankind Program, employees choose how they want to make a difference: by offering their time, making a pledge or requesting a company grant match for their volunteer hours or donations.

In 2017 we achieved 9,738 employee and retiree volunteer hours while volunteering with more than 80 organization.

chevron volunteer week

Chevron Volunteer Week is an annual volunteer event where Chevron employees volunteer at organizations in Richmond and throughout the Bay Area. During Chevron Volunteer Week 2018, over 2,000 employees volunteered to support Bay Area nonprofit organizations, including 50 projects in Richmond.