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Many high-paying jobs in today’s economy require advanced skillsets, which has led to an increasing skills gap. Closing that skills gap in our community is critical to Chevron. We support organizations leading those important efforts and have a proven track record of successful vocational training and job placement. 

Read about some of the partnerships and programs we support:

eQuip Richmond is funded and managed by Chevron to improve the quality of life in Richmond and North Richmond. Chevron’s investment is a resource tool to leverage the investments of other businesses, foundations, institutions and individuals. The goal is to establish partnerships that can enhance existing opportunities to build capacity, fill jobs with local hires, and improve conditions for local residents.

Poverty and marginalization continue to affect communities around the country. Local and national government policies and practices have, historically, neglected to address the underlying causes of these issues. Today, economic revitalization efforts must focus on impacting and reversing the root causes of barriers to economic growth. 

As no one-size strategy fits all, eQuip Richmond goes beyond traditional revitalization strategies to uplift residents and address the economic needs of the whole community. Over five years, Chevron is investing $10 million in eQuip Richmond to fund innovative, targeted community wealth-building strategies to prepare residents for the workforce, encourage small business development, and create pathways to sustainable, living wage or better jobs and careers in growth industries.

eQuip Richmond goals and objectives:

  • Increase and sustain community economic viability through services that improve economic self-sufficiency and help small businesses create and sustain jobs.
  • Build the capacity of Richmond/North Richmond community organizations to deliver economic benefits to their communities.
  • Build individual capacity and improve conditions for current residents.
  • Upgrade the community’s infrastructure and economic engines.
Chevron supports Groundwork Richmond’s Green Team Education Program. The Green Team gives students the opportunity to participate in environmental stewardship projects, job training, community art projects, and STEM education.
Rubicon Programs works to transform East Bay communities by equipping people to break the cycle of poverty. Chevron funds initiatives at Rubicon that provide vocational training, entrepreneurship opportunities, on-the-job training, career-aligned transitional employment and education.
RichmondBUILD is an award-wining career-training program that is leading the efforts to close the skills gap in the Richmond community between local residents and the high-paying, technical jobs found in the green construction industry. RichmondBUILD teaches residents the advanced skills needed to be successful in our ever-changing economy. Chevron supports RichmondBUILD to ensure Richmond residents of all ages and backgrounds have economic opportunities.