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Richmond Refinery Operators

At Chevron, we have a comprehensive framework called the Operational Excellence Management System that helps us systematically manage workforce safety and health, process safety, reliability and integrity.

Our work is guided by two key principles: (1) do it safely or not at all; and (2) there is always time to do it right. We have developed a culture based on these principles, which is foundational to our business success. Everyone in the workforce contributes to our safety culture by meeting expectations and fulfilling responsibilities. For example, all employees and contractors at Chevron have both the right and responsibility to exercise Stop-Work Authority. They can stop any operation, without any repercussions, if they believe people or the environment are in danger.

workforce safety and health

We provide a safe and healthy workplace for our employees and contractors. From advanced technology monitoring to nationally recognized employee and contractor training, eliminating fatalities and preventing serious injuries and illnesses is the highest priority for our workforce.

Chevron uses the philosophy of human performance to manage workplace health and safety. Human performance is the way people, work systems, culture, processes and equipment interact as a system.

process safety, reliability and integrity

We manage the integrity of operating systems through design principles and engineering and operating practices to prevent and mitigate process safety incidents. We execute reliability programs so that equipment, components and systems perform their required functions across the full asset lifecycle.

At Chevron Richmond, we prioritize, plan, schedule and complete necessary maintenance for all structures, equipment and protective devices. Safely maintaining equipment is critical to support reliable operations. About 50 percent of our workforce (including contractors) is dedicated to maintenance activities including the inspection of pipes, tanks and other equipment. Each year, we invest about $200 million in these comprehensive safety systems.

OEMS Brochure Cover
The Operational Excellence Management System (OEMS) is a comprehensive system that helped shape our culture and improve our health, environment and safety performance.

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Chevron Richmond maintains a comprehensive network of safety systems that are designed to keep our plants running safely and reliably during all operating conditions. One of the most visible components of those safety systems is our network of flares.

Flares are commonly used throughout the petroleum industry. These essential safety systems are used to ensure equipment does not exceed limits set for maintaining the safety and integrity of operating equipment. Flaring is a safe and environmentally effective method to combust gases and to reduce hydrocarbon emissions, which are relieved through these designed safety systems during certain operating conditions.