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richmond: the home of innovation

For more than a century, some of the world’s most significant energy innovations have been developed here in Richmond at Chevron's Richmond Technology Center (RTC), a unique research and development facility located adjacent to the Refinery. Our team of scientists in Richmond are continually focused on delivering a competitive advantage to our business partners through technology.

RTC is the birthplace of iconic innovations that have helped push oil and fuel additive industries to new heights in quality, durability and efficiency. RTC also developed the fuel used in the first solo trans-Atlantic flight by Charles Lindbergh and the first diesel engine oil that could be run in any diesel engine.

Perhaps one of RTC’s greatest achievements was the development of Techron. Developed in 1979 as the first patented additive developed for engines running unleaded gasoline, Techron has been reformulated over the years to increasingly reduce emissions, keep vital engine components clean and preserve original engine performance by preventing harmful deposits.

As the research headquarters for many of Chevron’s worldwide operations, RTC is an essential part of keeping the company competitive. More than 170 PhD scientists work at the 1.2 million square foot facility, which features an expansive laboratory for researching and testing automobiles. RTC scientists are looking to the future by researching and testing new ways to help engines run more efficiently.

The RTC workforce comes from around the world to help develop newer, cleaner and more efficient transportation products and alternative and renewable fuels, including biofuels and solar, wind and geothermal power. 

a history of innovation
For more than 100 years, some major milestones and noteworthy discoveries were made here in Richmond.

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