The Chevron Richmond Refinery employees share the community's goal of ensuring the plant operates safely and reliably. The Refinery provides a safe workplace and safe products that exceed current governmental regulations. We believe that all incidents and injuries are preventable and we are committed to leading the industry in operational excellence through safe, reliable and environmentally sound operations. Our safety policy not only stresses commitment to employee health, but also emphasizes activities that provide a safe and protected workplace for employees, those who work on our behalf, and our neighbors.

On November 10, 2009 a report from the county's Hazardous Material Program was presented to the Contra Costa County Board of Supervisors. The report concluded that Contra Costa County refineries have had their safest year ever.

We're very proud of this achievement, and wanted to share it with you.

Chevron is committed to Operational Excellence to create an incident and injury free environment for the Richmond Refinery. Operating safely and reliability in order to protect the health and safety of our employees and the community is a core value to Chevron.

Please review a letter from the Committee for Industrial Safety as well as excerpts from the county's 2009 Safety Ordinance Report.

Flare Relief System

Oil refining is a dynamic process and requires extensive monitoring and pressure control within the system. When operating conditions change flares may be used as part of the process to ensure that refinery equipment is operated safely. In most circumstances, the hydrocarbons are recovered and reused in the refining process. However, in some cases residual hydrocarbons are burned off. The flares turn hydrocarbon vapors into harmless water vapor and carbon dioxide. This is the most environmentally sound method of preventing hydrocarbon vapors from escaping into the atmosphere.

Training and Emergency Preparedness

All Richmond Refinery workers receive extensive safety training in their specific duties before they begin their jobs, and they continue with refresher training at regular intervals. We also maintain regular contact with state and local agencies and work with them to conduct large-scale emergency drills. We have a fire department onsite, which includes state-certified firefighters and emergency medical technicians. Frequent drills are held in conjunction with local fire departments. The Refinery fire department provides training to the local fire departments and is a mutual aid participant for the city and county.

Oil Spill Preparedness

The Refinery maintains a highly-trained Oil Spill Response Team and regularly conducts oil spill drills with agencies such as the United States Coast Guard. The Richmond Refinery's marine oil-handling equipment, including pipelines and cargo hoses, receives rigorous inspection and testing at regular intervals to ensure that we're doing our share to protect the Bay. Our terminal operators and fire department form one of the most capable oil spill response teams in the state.